THEVINE Fear not love all

10 Big Questions

Visiting a church, especially a new one, can prompt a lot of questions and requires a certain amount of bravery. The following may cross your mind concerning Vine of the Mountains. Contact us if you'd like more specific information.

What if I'm not a Christian?

You are welcome at The Vine regardless of whether you consider yourself a Christian, an atheist, or the Easter Bunny, for that matter.  We figure it this way, Jesus says we should love and serve everyone.  We're just crazy enough to believe Him!
You are welcome. You are loved. You can belong.

What is the worship service like?

The Vine's worship time looks a lot like the heartfelt expressions of those who come. Some parts of the service may seem mystical, some profound or powerful, while other moments are more like sharing and laughing around a campfire.  We believe that the God who created us is honored when we imitate Him, so we use creative arts (music, dance, drama, media, story telling, etc.) to express our love for Him and to re-tell the story of how much He loves us. Our pastor shares a timeless message of hope and encouragement for all people looking for meaning in their lives.

What kind of church is Vine of the Mountains?

In the words of Ulysses Everett McGill, we are "unaffiliated." That is to say, we are not sponsored by a denomination. However, one of the wonders of following Jesus is that it makes you a part of His body - wherever! We are a community church linked across all time and distance to those who seek to know God and enjoy Him forever. Even death does not truly separate our family. We are humble inheritors of both the finest and most shameful moments of Christian history. Our beliefs are rooted in the Old and New Testament scriptures, shaped by the whole of Christian tradition, tested by our culture, and made alive by God's Spirit. Check out our Identity Values.

We did not make our beliefs - they are making us.

Can I bring the whole family or friends?

Absolutely! We have good things for everyone including:
:: a clean and safe nursery
:: well supervised children's teaching & play time
:: plenty of parking
:: wheelchair accessability
:: worship service with a very low yawn factor
:: coffee and refreshments for all

Will I get "picked on" as a visitor?

Since The Vine is a fairly new church (we held our 1st service on October 20, 2002), pretty much everyone is sensitive to how it feels to be a visitor. If you're wondering whether you'll have to stand up, say something or wear a big cowbell around your neck to identify you, the answer is no! There are inconspicuous opportunities for you to let us know as much or as little about yourself as you'd like, but that's strictly up to you. Hopefully you will be warmly welcomed by a lot of folks, unless of course the people you happen to be standing or sitting with are also visitors  –  and are wondering why you aren't welcoming them!

What should I wear?

Let's start by saying that The Vine is not about "should-ing" on people (like you should wear a tie or you shouldn't wear shorts).

As long as you're wearing something, you'll be good to go - although you may want to check the weather. Wear whatever helps you feel comfortable when meeting a variety of people and encountering the awesome God of all creation. God is not impressed by fancy clothes unless they help you feel closer to Him.

Where and when is Vine of the Mountains?

We meet at 10 a.m. on Sunday mornings at our venue next to Folkmoot on Virginia Street in Waynesville. We have lots of other activities around the Waynesville/Clyde area, but you may as well start at the church.
For a map to our location, click here.

May I help?

How kind of you to ask! You might expect that keeping a new church going is a pretty major undertaking - and you'd be right. Some pretty cool people have been working hard to make Vine of the Mountains a reality.  They'd think you're pretty cool too, if you'd like to offer a helping hand with set up, office work, hospitality, drama, audio-visuals, family activities, web-site stuff, art work, banners, coffee-making, traffic control, straightening chairs or whatever it is that you might enjoy doing. Everyone who becomes a part of The Vine can have a meaningful role to play.  Sure, some roles might seem more meaningful on the surface, but just ask a sleepy-eyed person whether they are more grateful for the inspiring sermon or that smiling face welcoming them with a hot cup of coffee...

Contact us if you'd like to help.

How do I get one of those cool "Fear Not/love all" bumper stickers or t-shirts?

These dazzling works of art add beauty and value to whatever or whomever they adorn. They are available at our worship services and are free to all who will be good stewards of them.

Who am I?

You are God's beloved. You are a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind creation of vast worth to God. Your ultimate purpose is to know God and enjoy Him forever. That's who you are.