THEVINE Fear not love all


Have you ever felt excluded or left out?

Jesus was very intentional about spending time with people who seemed to be on the outside looking in. He was drawn to those who had somehow lost the understanding that they were God's beloved  –  and he still is today. The way Jesus treated folks is our inspiration for how everyone can “belong” at Vine of the Mountains. Radical concept? No more radical than the reckless, raging love of God that chases after us all! We offer two ways to consider yourself an "official" branch on The Vine: as a Discovering Member or as a Servant Member.

Discovering Member

Maybe you are not sure of what you believe about life, spirituality, God or Christianity. Maybe you think that all religion is bogus or that truth is relative. Maybe you lean toward eastern mysticism or new age paganism. Whatever. Yet you discover something at Vine of the Mountains that has meaning, makes you feel good and prompts you to keep coming. You don't have to change a thing about who you are: your lifestyle, your beliefs, your friends, your politics, your bumper stickers or your toothpaste - nothing. Just say the word and know that there is a place for you. A place where you belong. You can be a part of all the good stuff we’re up to. Imagine that - a church that welcomes everyone!

A Discovering Member commits to:
:: Seek God
:: Serve the Poor
:: Honor your Community (Vine of the Mountains)

Servant Member

You have tied on for the wild adventure of trusting and following Jesus. You accept God's radical forgiveness and love given through Jesus Christ, whom you believe and confess to be Savior and Lord. You dare to become accountable for living a life that lines up with the Gospel - even when difficult or adverse to your own inclinations. You are realizing that the only road to real joy is to abandon yourself for the sake knowing Jesus. So you become a servant-friend: to God and to people. You belong - not just to The Vine, but to the Kingdom of God.

A Servant Member becomes mutually accountable with other servant members to:
:: Love God and Others as Self (with heart, soul, mind, and strength)
:: Serve the Poor
:: Imitate Christ
:: Invite All (into God's Kingdom)

Servant Member Pre-requisites

(One who would become a servant member of The Vine gives their heart to these things...)
:: The belief and profession of Jesus Christ as the incarnate, crucified, bodily resurrected, glorified only Son of God, Savior and Lord, by Whose grace and atoning sacrifice we are forgiven of sin and are born again to an eternal life of unimaginable freedom and wonder.
:: The belief that the Holy Bible is God's inspired Word, true and uniquely authoritative in all matters of faith and Christian living.
:: An agreement to neither teach nor promote beliefs contrary to those of our 20 Articles of Faith.
:: An agreement to honor our community by refraining from gossip or hurtful statements regarding the church or its members and  seeking to resolve conflict with fellow members or leadership promptly - with humility and love.


To help promote spiritual formation and the genuineness of community life, all members are expected to support one another through participation in a Vine small group.