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Richard James Fish
Born in Maryland, Richard grew up in Greenville, S.C., studied acting at BJU (the most unusual university in the world) got a B.S. degree in Religion at MANU (you'll have to figure that one out), and stayed in Thailand for six years after not returning home from a two-week mission trip. And now, after eating plenty of spicy dog, he and his family relocated in 2010 to Waynesville.

Most of his training stems from the "school of hard knocks." After three years of youth ministry, seven years of church planting and six years as an overseas missionary, he is still learning about the faithfulness of God. Hebrews 11:6 points out that we must believe that God is and that He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him. Isn't it funny how you live out what you're learning.

Richard's love interests are: Jesus; his gorgeous wife Amy; his crazy guppies Kyle, Molly, Emily & Audrey; Acting and Soccer; though Amy might say soccer's at the top of the list.

"Our vision: a genuine Christian small group within walking distance of everyone in Haywood County."


Vinelife is our version of Small groups. Vinelife is divided into semesters much like a school schedule. Semester 1 is from September - November. Semester 2 ranges between January - April. Semester 3 is our shortest semester consisting of just June and July. Every September we launch brand new groups to shake it up a bit and encourage us to welcome new folks into our lives.

How can I join a Vinelife group?

First fill out the form below and let Richard know what your interests are. Share things like what day of the week works well for your schedule, if you want a group near your home, if you need childcare. He’ll get back in touch with you and let you know about some possibilities.

What do Vinelife groups study?

Our studies focus stems from our Sunday messages. In a Vinelife group we ask questions from the sermon and study the passages together. Sometimes we have special interest groups form as well. Got an idea for one? Let us know.

Can I host a Vinelife group in my own home?

You sure can and it’s easy. Opening your home to a Vinelife group is a great to build instant friendships. Nothing special is required.

What does it take to lead a Vinelife group?

We like our Vinelife leaders to be members of our church, so that would be the first order of business. After that, Richard has a simple plan to help you engage as a group leader. There is regular support, care and times to gather as leaders to be encouraged.

What if I can’t commit to a Vinelife group for all the semesters?

No problem. What’s important to us is that you get connected. Even when you can’t make a meeting time, your group will pray for you and include you in all their communications so when the time is right you can jump back in.

What else to Vinelife groups do?

One goal is for Vinelife groups to serve together. Opportunities arise throughout the year to be engaged in helping others. We try to run all our service projects through our Vinelife groups.

Connect with a small group

Being in Vinelife group is part of the DNA of Vine of the Mountains. These groups provide prayer, love, support, and encouragement as life sometimes brings it’s challenges. We encourage everyone to be in a Vinelife group in order truly experience the transformation God has for us. Got more questions? Fill out the contact info below and let Richard know your thoughts. (please be sure to include your first and last name).

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