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Owen Fulghum
Charles Owen Fulghum (the "gh" is like a "j") was born in Atlanta back before it was big deal. From generations of southern stock, this Georgia boy grew up there before transplanting to Florida where he learned to love the peculiar ways of beach folk. As an adult, he ventured up to Kentucky and back to Florida for a while before finally coming home to Waynesville (where he should have been all along).

The University of North Florida and Asbury Theological Seminary gave him degrees in book-learning, and our brothers and sisters in Methodism even ordained him, but he will credit 22 years as a youth pastor for most of what he's learned in ministry. So, you'll have to forgive Owen on those occasions when being warped from working with teens for so long shows through an otherwise mature and sensible personality.

He's married to the exceptionally beautiful Cheryl Hilbert Fulghum (of Durham, NC), and they have 3 dandy young'uns to show for it. Owen and Cheryl both enjoy backpacking, snow skiing, long summer days outside, cool nights by the fire, and the now-rare getaway to Disney World.

Owen is especially keen on working around the house, the writings of Tolkien and Lewis, the music of U2, Nickel Creek and Andrew Peterson, cooking when it's for fun, quirky movies and home-grown tomatoes.

His world-view revolves around John 14:6 - and the wonder of being alive.


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